Monday, June 06, 2005


Buried in an interesting report on the religious beliefs of Americans by Protestant evangelical pollster George Barna is this oddity:

When confronted with the statement, "When he lived on earth, Jesus Christ was human and committed sins, like other people," only 26 per cent of respondents identified by Barna as Catholic disagreed (compared to 52 per cent of Protestants).

Even allowing for the possibility that some of those identified as Catholic haven't darkened a church door since the day of their Baptism, this figure strikes me as either an astonishing indictment of Catholic catechesis in the USA during recent decades, or an equally astonishing display of willingness on the part of three quarters of all people who continue to claim to be "Catholic" to part company with what they know to be core beliefs at the top of the hierarchy of truths of the faith, recited in the Nicene Creed at every Sunday Mass in every Catholic church in the world.