Sunday, May 08, 2005

Something for Catholic Bloggers to Bear in Mind

Nunblog today points to a link we'd all, as Catholic bloggers, do well to read frequently. It's John Paul the Great's message for the 39'th [January 2005] World Communications Day, entitled "The Communications Media: At the Service of Understanding Among Peoples." Here's the link.

Here's the concluding paragraph - how delightful to hear once again that man's unmistakeable voice:

"My prayer on this year’s World Communications Day is that the men and women of the media will play their part in breaking down the dividing walls of hostility in our world, walls that separate peoples and nations from one another, feeding misunderstanding and mistrust. May they use the resources at their disposal to strengthen the bonds of friendship and love that clearly signal the onset of the Kingdom of God here on earth."