Monday, May 23, 2005

Catholicism, Timeless Truth, and Intellectual Integrity in the Modern World

I am indebted to very different, thought-provoking posts at The Mighty Barrister and at Blosser's Homepage for helping me to think this through:

I can no more assent, in honest good faith, to "creationism" than I can assent to biblicist literalism - and Catholicism doesn't ask me to commit either form of intellectual suicide. Yet I can, with Benedict XVI, affirm that every human being is a result of a divine intention, and I can affirm, against a radical biblical criticism, that what the author of any given text in the Bible meant to affirm is really true - and it seems to me that, on these two issues, these are the essential affirmations we instinctively sense are threatened by developments in modern secular scholarship. To me, this is at the heart of the beauty of Catholicism - intellectual integrity which takes modern developments seriously, coupled with a union with what Christianity has been and believed through the ages, which has deep enough roots to prevent me from being blown about by every passing wind.